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Free the San Fransisco 8 - (Benefit show in Olympia)

The full story of the San Fransisco 8 can be read here, but the short version is this:

In 1973, eight members of the Black Panthers were rounded up and arrested, charged with involvement in the murder of a San Fransisco police officer two years earlier. The eight were tortured by New Orleans police interrogators (tortured, as in, stripped naked, blindfolded, electrically shocked and covered in wet blankets to induce asphyxiation). During the torture, they gave a coerced confession to the murder, however a court later threw out the confessions since they were acquired under torture. The defendants went on with their lives, continuing their community organizing. In 2003, the case was reopened, and police plucked the defendants right out of their homes and workplaces. Even though no new evidence was actually discovered, the eight are now in jeopardy because new court rulings may allow statements extracted through torture to be used in court.

Free The San Francisco 8 Benefit Show!
At The Eagle’s Hall (corner of 4th Ave E and Plum St. in Olympia, off of the Port of Olympia exit from I-5)

Friday, November 2nd at 7pm
$4-10 sliding scale donation requested

Featuring Olympia and Tacoma’s best hip-hip, punk, folk, indy and rock:

Mark Gunnery (from Riot Folk!)
My Baby’s Got a Hard-On
Jesus Was a Slave Ship
Josh Rizeberg
Ancient Head
Robin Byrd
and Aaron Dixon – former Captain of the Seattle Black Panther Party and Green Party candidate for US Senate

Literature tables from community groups will also be there.

Brought to you by the Olympia chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

For more information, contact olympiasds@riseup.net or check out the website www.freethesf8.org.

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