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Basic Assumptions About The Nature of Government

When this country was forged, our forefathers sought to create a more perfect union. They had some ideas they thought were pretty good. In fact, they were such good ideas that they were willing to set aside their own lives so that we could enjoy the freedoms they envisioned. For generations, we have passed to our children, and their children's children the responsibility of caring for our fragile country. A country that is young by the standards of the world, and a petulant child in the eyes of many. Our only task has been to preserve the freedoms that we were told every man, woman and child were granted under the laws of this "more perfect union". And we have suffered in years of late, because we have failed in this duty. Our collective deralection has allowed this once great land to become corrupt and perverse; a rancid festering shell of what it once was.

We bicker insessantly about the rules. We whine and fight and cry and scream at eachother about issues that have been resolved for us hundreds of years ago. "We hold these truths to be self evident..." That means that there is no doubt in any one person's mind that these statements are true. The men who built the foundation of our once great land knew something about the dangers of governmental repression. When you give the government absolute power over the people, inevitably the people get trampled in the intrest of the controlling few. At some point we gave a certain ammount of celebrity to the people who we elect. But we have lost sight of the truth behind the institutions. These are not great men. The people who represent us are supposed to REPRESENT US. They have no power over us that we do not ourselves grant them. The president is a man who we choose to be our voice. We choose him to make the decissions we want made. He works for us. Not the other way around. We are not forced to choose a leader. We are allowed to do so. We can choose any man for this job. He does not need to be a polotician. He does not need to be of lineage descended from presidents. He may not obstruct the freedoms that our founding fathers gave us. Our freedoms are ours. They cannot be taken away. No institution may change what has been written in stone.

Among these freedoms are the right (THE RIGHT!) to speak freely. We have the right to say whatever we want, whenever we want to whoever we want about whatever we want. I thereby use this forum to exercise my right to accuse George W. Bush of curruption and treason beyond any rational explanation. For years the men we have voted into office have made deccissions contrary to the desires of the people. This has to stop. We have the power to stop them. We must exercise it en-masse.

The second freedom, the second thing that the founders decided, was that the people had a right to defend themselves. This defense was written as the right to keep and bear arms. There are no restrictions in the bill of rights as to what variety of arms we may keep. People argue these days that the raw killing power of modern weaponry was impossible to predict by the founding fathers. I firmly beleive that they knew full well that the technology of killing would progress in the way that it has. I also beleive that knowing this, they saw that we had a right to keep the same deffensible technology that our military keeps. The whole point of the second amendment is that it is impossible for the government to repress a people who far outnumber them and fight on even terms. Their job, the reason that we pay taxes for a police force and national guard, the very reason we even have a cetralized form of government is to protect us from those, both foreign and domestic, who would use their weapons offensively. In order for us to be safe, from eachother and from our leaders, we must have the ablility to meet agressors on their own terms. Our freedoms have never been won by the military. It was not a marine corps, or an air force or even a navy that won our freedom from the tyranic rule of the British. It was the ability and willingness of every single person in this country to gather arms and stand united against an oppressive force. At the time, these people were called rebels by the ruling class. Their actions were called treason. Would we have been unable to arm ourselves and fight the British on even terms, every historical figure associated with the revolutionary war would have been hanged for crimes against the government. We must never forget this.

We have the right to protect ourselves, but we have lost sight of who were are protecting ourselves from. We have become so afraid of eachother, and so distrusting that we are willing to sacrifice our second most important freedom so that we may feel safe. This must not be allowed to happen. The man that you should fear is not the one in the house next to yours. He is a man just like you. And should the time come where the tree of liberty must once again be watered with the blood of patriots, you will want very much for him to be able to take up arms in a cause with you, and fight by your side. The man you should worry about is the one who has thousands upon thousands blindly following his orders, because he is the one who will take your livelyhood and kill your loved one. While some abuse the right to keep and bear arms, and some always will, the many may not be punished for the crimes of the few. The weapon is not the firearm, the weapon is the desire for the infliction of harm. Removing accessability to firearms will not stop people from killing. They will find a way no matter what, and making it harder will only strengthen their convictions. Our strength does not come from a powerful army, or a strong police force, or even from our ability to punish those whos transgressions bring harm to the people. Our strength comes from our numbers, the willingness of our people to fight for what they believe in, and our beleif in the truths we hold to be self evident.
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