Annoying Pant-leg Pulling Chihuahua of Justice! (stardragonca) wrote in weaponsforlefty,
Annoying Pant-leg Pulling Chihuahua of Justice!


I am a 46 year old man in rural Alberta,Canada.
Politically,I'm a constitutional monarchist,which would put me to the right of the whole of the United States,were it not obviously the whole other way around.This would definitely be a good situation in which to ask specific questions rather than assuming anything 8) Basically,to quote a famous(in Canada)commentator,like most Canadians I do not object to people wanting to own guns.I object to them wanting to keep it a secret from the police.
And I object to the authoritarian right(department of redundancy department)attempting to a)own the issue,b)not allow any actual discussion of it.
I would also have to agree with Bruce Cockburn that given the history of the world,it's probably not such a good idea if the army and the police are the only people who have weapons.
But of course if I don't agree with the Right's entire agenda,then I haven't the right to oppose it in any other than a the mindless absolutist manner prescribed for the bleeding heart loser.(OK,man,now you're just abusing sarcasm.)
By the way,my screen name is StarDragon.The ca just means 'the one from Canada') Cheers!
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